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Shirin Harrell

Shirin Harrell has represented clients whose claims involved medical malpractice, products liability, healthcare law, healthcare litigation, managed care, personal injury and insurance disputes. As a registered nurse and attorney, Shirin is familiar with the healthcare system.

Eric Nowak

Eric Nowak represents individuals, families, and businesses at both the federal and state courts in tort lawsuits for physical and mental injuries, contract disputes, and insurance litigation. Many of his cases involve issues based on medicine and science - such as serious injury cases, medical malpractice, defective products, and toxic exposures. Learn more about attorney Eric Nowak.

What to Expect

Shirin Harrell and Eric Nowak are with you every step of the way. These attorneys help you make the right decisions from the first day you call, and they will be with you throughout the case to your day in court. If you are injured in a car accident, you can trust each attorney and their experience in fighting the insurance companies. If you are the victim of medical malpractice, you can trust their medical and legal knowledge. If you have been improperly exposed to chemicals or hurt on someone's premises, you can trust their experience in presenting complex issues to the court. Using their experience, Harrell & Nowak’s injury lawyers know what to do at every step of the case to protect your rights and to obtain the money you are entitled to under the law.


Our firm has recovered over 25 million dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients. We have achieved a success rate of over 90 percent. Their expertise has been recognized by both State and Federal courts. They have been appointed sole class counsel for thousands of New Orleans residents and workers.

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