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Apr 8

Teenage drivers are far more likely to be involved in auto accidents, as our personal injury and car accident attorneys explain.

Apr 3

Slip and fall accidents on wet floors are dangerous. If you are injured and negligence is to blame, you deserve compensation. Learn about slip and fall accidents.

Mar 30
There are many different potential causes of slip and fall accidents. One of these is broken steps and stairwells. Read on to learn more about these matters.
Mar 26

There's a certain expectation that airbags will function properly in an accident. When they do not, our lawyers will fight to hold the auto manufacturers responsible for their negligence.

Mar 12

Cases of cell phone use and auto accidents continue to rise. But the sad fact is, victims have the burden of proving negligence.

Mar 11

Why are inexperienced drivers more likely to be in auto accidents? Our personal injury and car accident attorneys explain the reasons.

Mar 10
Motorcycle accidents that involve multiple vehicles can be very serious, and they are generally more serious than single-vehicle accidents. Let us look at this issue right now.
Mar 3

The car accident attorneys of Harrell & Nowak discuss the painful consequences of whiplash and the damages to which victims are often entitled.

Feb 10

Poor road conditions can lead to auto accidents that are quite serious. If you are involved in an auto accident caused by poor road condition, we can help you in legal proceedings.

Feb 7
Distracted motorists pose many dangers to people on the road. Let's consider these matters in brief right now.

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