Achievements of Our New Orleans Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer Team - Metairie, Kenner

Some of our personal injury lawyer team's accomplishments include:

  • Our firm has recovered over 25 million dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of clients.
  • We have achieved a success rate of over 90 percent.
  • Our lawyers have recovered over $3 million in hurricane insurance cases
  • Eric Nowak and Shirin Harrell were appointed as class counsel in Marshall vs. Air Liquide, an environmental hazards lawsuit in Civil District Court for Orleans Parish.  They recovered over $8 million for the neighborhood.
  • Shirin Harrell and Eric Nowak were appointed to Plaintiff's Steering Committee for all Hurricane insurance cases against State Farm and Allstate in Section F, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.
  • Eric Nowak was elected to the Board of Directors of the New Orleans Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. He has served on the Board since 2006.
  • Shirin Harrell is a licensed Registered Nurse as well as an attorney.
  • Eric Nowak is the recipient of the E. Randolph Williams Award for Outstanding Pro Bono Service.

Notable Verdicts and Settlements

  • After fighting a large multi-nation chemical company and one of the largest insurance companies in the world (and their teams of lawyers), Eric and Shirin obtained two settlements worth over $8,500,000 for their clients.  Eric and Shirin sued on behalf of a neighborhood in eastern New Orleans because the company exposed the neighborhood to a caustic a corrosive dust.  Residents suffered from skin rashes, itching skin, burning eyes, bloody noses, nasal and pharyngeal irritation, and asthma exacerbation.
  • Settled a mesothelioma case for more than $3,000,000.  Our client was exposed to asbestos fibers at work.
  • Over $2.5 million in settlements for a woman diagnosed with mesothelioma.  She was exposed to asbestos as a child by her father's work clothes.  Her father was a laborer, welder, and tacker.  Our client washed and dried his clothes. 
  • Over $1,000,000 settlement in a five-car accident in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana where our client was rear-ended. Our client was seriously injured, required multiple back surgeries and was permanently disabled. Following months of intensive depositions and discovery and only days before trial, the insurance company and the defendants settled this personal injury claim.
  • Settlement for over $680,000 representing the front-seat passenger in a car accident.  Firemen had to use the "jaws of life" to free our client from wreck.  He suffered multiple fractures to his skull, a jaw fracture, an open foot fracture, elbow and forearm fractures, and multiple breaks to the fibula and tibia along with pelvic fractures.  Our client required surgery where an internal rod, plate, and screws were placed.  Also an external fixator was used for a period of time.  It was a single car accident, so the driver and the insurance company were sued.
  • Over $510,000 obtained in a settlement for electrical burns and scarring that occurred due a known unsafe premises where our client was working, but he was never told of the hot and live wires.
  • More than $500,000 obtained in additional insurance proceeds and a settlement after filing a lawsuit when representing a condominium for damages sustained by the building from Hurricane Katrina. This was a breach of contract case where the policy holder sued to obtain insurance coverage it had paid premiums for, but where the insurance company denied over 75 percent of the claim made by the building owners.
  • $500,000 settlement for personal injuries in a medical malpractice case for the wrongful death and the survival damages for the husband and son of a young woman who died from a subarachnoid bleed in her brain. Her death was caused by a medical error where the doctor prescribed an excessive amount of the pharmaceutical drug coumadin following the birth of her child.

If you have suffered from medical malpractice or another type of personalI injury, contact a lawyer at Harrell & Nowak, serving New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, and areas throughout Louisiana.

  • $450,000 personal injury award obtained for the wrongful death and survival actions in a medical malpractice action for the parents of a 18 year old college student who died following improper treatment by the emergency room for the treatment of asthma. He was from New Orleans attending college in Natchitoches, Louisiana when the asthma attack and medical mistreatment occurred.
  • $375,000 obtained in a settlement for a premises liability case. Our client had a serious personal injury – breaking his femur and requiring emergency surgery when the balcony of a building collapsed while he stood on the balcony.
  • Hired by an attorney to represent that lawyer in a contract dispute with another lawyer.  H&N settled the contract claim for over $250,000.
  • Obtained more than $370,000 settlement for a family whose son's eye was punctured at school. H&N sued on behalf of the family because the school failed to respond the injury properly -- not following its own nurse's handbook on how to provide proper first aid.  Our client suffered a open globe puncture and a detached retina requiring surgery.
  • $230,000 obtained for the personal injuries of a young woman who was the victim of medical malpractice. The surgeon who performed an emergency cesarean section left a surgical sponge (laparotomy pad) in her body. This medical mistake caused an abdominal infection that required abdominal surgery to remove the surgical sponge.
  • Settled an accidental and negligent shooting claim for $300,000 for the unsafe use of a firearm causing serious injury to a bystander.
  • $200,000 in a settlement for a business insurance dispute where a Plaquemines Parish Louisiana business was denied property and business interruption coverage under the insurance policy. The insurance company denied the insurance claim for wind and rain coverage from Hurricane Katrina.
  • $200,000 settlement for the personal injuries in a wrongful death and survival action for the parents of an 18 year-old young man who died following an asthma attack triggered by mold and other environmental contaminants in the building. The building owner was sued for being responsible as the premises owner.

If a loved one has suffered a wrongful death in an accident on someone else's property, contact a lawyer at Harrell & Nowak, serving New Orleans, Kenner, Metairie, and surrounding areas.

  • Verdict in federal court against Allstate for $136,130 in damages for a hurricane insurance flood claim. Steven Jackson v. FEMA and Allstate, USDC Eastern District of Louisiana, No. 06-4169. Insurance company argued that there was no money owed under the policy because they believed that our client was 7 hours late paying a premium – but accepted and deposited the check.
  • Took a landlord to trial for unsafe premises -- not fixing leaking laundry room -- that led to a fall by a tenant using the room. Our client suffered a knee injury with a torn meniscus and cartilage damage. She had arthroscopic surgery.  The Court awarded over $83,000.
  • Recovered over $40,000 in a personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuit for a man who was improperly prescribed coumadin after cardiac surgery. Our client was hospitalized for several days and required seven units of blood for a hemorrhage due to the coumadin toxicity.
  • $40,000 obtained for a pharmacy error and the resulting personal injury. The pharmacy gave our client the wrong prescription causing her to be hospitalized.
  • $30,000 settlement for our client’s personal injuries from a medical misdiagnosis. Our client suffered an ectopic pregnancy which ruptured, but the doctor misdiagnosed it as a miscarriage.
  • $10,000 settlement for our client’s personal injuries in a medical malpractice case where our client was burned by a bovie pad during surgery.

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